Leading engagement, a 3 day seminar

Do you want to learn how to be a leader who creates an environment where people enjoy working and are whole-heartedly engaged? A leader who makes it easier for people to work creatively, efficiently and with perseverance? Then this is the training course for you.

Work that gives meaning and joy

Great leaders are encouraging and supporting us in finding meaning and joy in our work, instead of trying to engage us with rewards or punishments. According to the Self-Determination Theory, SDT we humans have three basic psychological needs that must be activated if we are to find meaning and joy in work. The needs are self-determination (autonomy), mastery and relatedness. When our engagement is based on experiencing meaning and joy, we call it self-determination. When our engagement is based on promises of reward or threats of punishment, we call it controlled.

What is self-determined engagement?

  • To lead based on meaning and joy
  • It is not about acting independently of others
  • It does not require an optimal situation
  • It is the best defence against burn-out in situations that are not optimal
  • It is not about pretending that everything in a situation is good or staying in a situation, when we have better options
  • It is about making the best of a situation as long as we are in it

Forskning viser at Selvbestemt engasjement er forbundet med minst ni positive resultater, som alle organisasjoner ønsker. 

  • Better job performance
  • Greater revenue growth
  • Greater commitment to company values
  • Greater loyalty and trust
  • Greater job and compensation satisfaction
  • Deeper learning
  • Fewer physical and health complaints
  • Less emotional exhaustion
  • Greater overall life satisfaction

What will you take home from the course?

During this day you will have an opportunity to connect with other leaders and learn how engagement is activated. Through a combination of theory and practical training you will learn a method which you can use in your own personal development and in your leadership of others. The course will help you to:

  • Find meaning and joy in your work
  • Distinguish between self-determined and controlled engagement
  • Lead conversations about engagement
  • Strengthen the engagement by activating the three basic psychological needs
  • Create conditions for development based on strengths and mastery experiences
In short, you will learn how to activate your own whole-hearted engagement and how to use this insight to help others.

Our model for communication and learning

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a method for changing thoughts and behaviours in order to achieve desired outcomes.
NLP gives us a good starting point for working practically with commitment. All consultants in Interaction Consulting Group are certified in and involved in teaching NLP to others. 

What do our customers say about us?

“Learning about whole-hearted engagement has given me a wider register to play on in my role as a manager. The course is well-balanced between theory and practice in small groups, and the course facilitators have a deep understanding of the subject and a “coaching” style of teaching. I now have good questions I can ask myself to clarify what I need to be whole-heartedly engaged facing difficult challenges. Now, just a few days after the course, I am already well on my way in implementing what I have learned.”

 Anne-Lise Katle, Project Manager at Atkins Norway AS 

“I found the day learning about leading engagement to be very useful, both in my role as a manager and personally. I gained new insight into what lies behind good, or poor, engagement. It enabled me to identify for myself what is needed and to help my people to take responsibility for their own engagement. The course facilitators are skilled and open. The size of the group created a safe environment, and everyone was able to talk to everyone else, something that created good conditions for learning."

Line Vrenne, Service Owner/Acting Department Head, Regional Finance and Logistical Services, Sykehuspartner HF   

"This is no ordinary leadership training. Here we experience the theory by opening  up to our ourself, both in our leadership role and in life. We are active and it is impossible not to be involved.

Johan Engström, senior project manager, partner, Waade AB

Practical information

Course dates 2022
  • Norwegian: 23. - 25. august in Oslo
  • Swedish: 13. -15. september in Stockholm
  • English: To be announced in Oslo
Maximum Participants: 9 people

Time: 8:30 – 17:00


A one-hour follow-up coaching session, as well as course documentation and lunch are included in the price. 

Seminar leaders: Anna Pia Hellstedt og Peder Wroldsen

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