High-peforming teams don’t just happen

How an organisation’s leadership teams work together sets the tone for how the entire organization works. A skillful leadership team knows how to work together both to set the direction and priorities that steer an organization, and how to lead the engagement  that drives the organization.

Research has shown that teams succeed when they build on a foundation of trust, openness, commitment to common goals, accountability and a willingness to follow-up results with learning and adjustment. How to achieve this foundation? We help teams to bring out the best in each member and the team as a whole by starting with the same core needs that drive all high performance; autonomy, relatedness and mastery. It is only when our core human needs are fulfilled and respected that individuals are equipped to do great work together.

Interaction Consulting Group can help you

ICG has decades of experience in working with leadership teams. We combine this experience with the most established and verified model in behavioural science, Self-Determination Theory.
Through a combination of process facilitation, teaching, coaching and feedback, we help each team member to take responsibility for their engagement in their work with the leadership team. We teach and support the team as whole in how to most effectively communicate and make decisions together. And we help the team and the team members with the knowledge and skills needed to bring these decisions to life in the organization, learn from experience and make needed adjustments.    

Would you like to know more about how we can help your team? We'd love to hear from you!

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