Leadership Coaching: It is especially important to be wholehearted when you are the leader!

What is engagement?

Being engaged means desiring to do your best, and a lack of engagement is a sign that you are uncertain about what is important to you. When you are unengaged, you feel an internal tension and worry, which in turn impacts your performance and your job enjoyment.

It is even more important to be engaged when you are a leader

As a manager or a leader of any kind, you are responsible for creating an inclusive work environment, handling often contradictory information, identifying priorities and plotting out a course. In short, making it easy for others to work independently and do their best work. In addition, you are setting an example for others. All of this makes it vital that you are wholeheartedly engaged in your work!

How can you work on your own engagement?

Your development as an engaged leader starts by understanding your own basic psychological needs and how these relate to your motivation and performance. A leadership coach can help you to explore the complexity of competing perspectives, both in terms of your own uncertainties and in the competing perspectives involved in your work. This exploratory work can help you to set priorities for yourself and your team that are aligned with your basic psychological needs, the needs of the people you lead and the priorities of the organisation.

How can we help you?

As experienced leadership coaches we can help you to sort out your thoughts and feelings so that you know why you are leading, where you want to go in your leadership as well as how you want to lead. We use models that provide structure for your thoughts and feelings, and we use good questions and active listening to guide you through the process of exploring the complexity of the competing demands and desires from both your environment and within yourself. 

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